The inherent nature of the GloBE Rules provides that all jurisdictions implement similar rules in their national law, hence a global development of coherent and consistent application of the rules are needed.

Case Law, legislation and guidance are usually published by local courts, tax authorities, and organisations on various websites and often in foreign languages.

GloBERules.com provides full transcriptions and translations of these cases etc..

All of these cases contribute to a mutual global understanding of the mechanics of the GloBE Rules and should be made easily available to all practicioners.

GloBERules.com provides a free and fully searchable database of international GloBE Rules case laws, news, guidelines and country profiles.

Case law is provided in full length and for all content not originally published in English an optional “machine” translation of the text is available.

The database can be searched by country, category, keyword or text. If you want to contribute, please click here.

GloBERules.com also provides a forum for members, where you can ask questions and receive guidance from peers in other countries.