Corporate Restructurings and Holding Structures

Model Rules – Article 6.5.


<< Go back to overview Next article>> Article 6.5. Multi-Parented MNE Groups Article 6.5 covers the situation in which two or more Groups prepare Consolidated Financial Statements in which the financial performance of these Groups is presented as a single economic unit in accordance with a Dual-listed Arrangement or [...]

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Model Rules – Article 6.4


<< Go back to overview Next article>> Article 6.4. Joint Ventures A common business practice undertaken by MNE Groups is entering into joint ventures with third parties. Generally, for accounting purposes, a joint venture is a business enterprise that is jointly controlled by two or more persons or Entities. [...]

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Model Rules – Article 6.3


<< Go back to overview Next article>> Article 6.3. Transfer of Assets and Liabilities Article 6.3 provides rules for the recognition or non-recognition of gain or loss on the disposition of assets and liabilities and for determining the carrying values of assets and liabilities acquired in an ordinary acquisition [...]

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Model Rules – Article 6.2


<< Go back to overview Next article>> Article 6.2. Constituent Entities joining and leaving an MNE Group The GloBE Rules and Commentary are generally drafted on a steady-state basis that assume the MNE Group is comprised of the same Constituent Entities throughout the entire Fiscal Year. When an acquisition [...]

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Model Rules – Article 6.1.


Article 6.1. Application of Consolidated Revenue Threshold to Group Mergers and Demergers As set out in Article 1.1, the GloBE Rules apply to MNE Groups with consolidated revenue of EUR 750 million or more in at least two of the four Fiscal Years immediately preceding the tested Fiscal Year. Article 6.1 complements this [...]

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